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You are tired at your job… No problem : Tireless chair is the solution.


Hello, we are the DALLKISEN team.

We have tried to improve the life of everyday of everyone. A lot of people could improve their life only doing some little things.

For example, doing a break during five minutes all the two hours of work, permit people to be less tired during their job and more active at the end of the day.

Moreover when you are tired you start to slide on your chair what creates some troubles, particularly in your neck and your back.


To solve this problem we chose to make the worker’s chair more interactive.

We put four pressure sensors in the chair : one in the basis (named C0) and three (respectively named C1, C2 and C3) in a line in the chair back.

When the worker sits down on his chair, the sensor C0 is pushed and a timer is activated during two hours. At the end of this time, a buzzer rings and the worker is forced to have a break, during approximately fiveteen minutes.


On a other hand, the worker’s position is measured by the three other sensors.

If the worker is badly seated, the buzzer rings differently and a message appears on the screen of his computer to warn him that he is badly seated. If the three sensors C1, C2 and C3 are not pushed by the worker in the same time it means that he is badly seated.


This system is made to you, it will reduce your neck and back problems, due to your bad position due to your tireness.


Thanks you for your attention.

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