Every one knows someone affected with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. Farmers are four times more sensitive to those scourges because of pesticides. Our solution : Pesti Warn. How does it work ?


It’s very simple : A sensor, simulated by a pentiometer, analyses air quality which we thus compare to a predefined threshold. If the amount of pesticides in the air is very low, a green LED ligths up. If it comes close to our doorstep, the LED turns blue.


Finally, if we exceed our threshold the LED turns red and an audible signal is warning us of  (possible) danger. Ten seconds later, a second test is perfomed. We are facing two eventualities. The air could be always so much polluted. In this particular case, Pesti Warn would block the working tool used to spray pesticides. The farmer would then use it again after ten minutes break. He would thus take this opportunity to get fresh air.


Very easy, isn’t it ? With Pesti Warn, millions of farmers would increase their life span. They would also protect the environment, their children and their future.

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