Let present our product: The Wristlhearth.

It is a watch which can send you your heart rate. This value is a very important one, that’s why your Wristlheart can save your life. There are two indicators: a red led, a green led and a buzzer. The first is switched on when your heart rate is up to 90bpm, this is a very important thing. If the red led turns on, you have to relax immediately.

Contrary to the first element, the buzzer can make a lot of noise when your heart rate is very low, down to 60bpm, and when it is very high, up to 90bpm. So, when it is noisy you it is important to be vigilant about your physical activity.

And then, everything is okay when your heart rate is between 60bpm and 90 bpm. At this moment, the green led lights on. That means, you can keep doing your activities.

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