We are a group of students from ISEN Toulon, France and this is our project for a special week in our school. We had to search about difficulties that workers can encounter in their life. We chose to focus on drivers, who are exposed to several back pains.

In order to create our prototype, we are using one ARDUINO, one ultra-sonic ranging module, two servo motor, two joysticks and eight LEDs.

Our goal is to simulate a good or bad posture on a car seat:

  • The two joysticks are used such as weighty sensor put under the seat. When the driver moves and take an undesirable posture on the seat, one LED will first emit orange light then one other will emit a red one. We use the servo motor so as to correct this wrong driver’s position.
  •  The ultra-sonic ranging module allows us to control distance between conductor’s head and his seat. If he is looking at the road side for too long, or if he is falling asleep, LEDs will prevent him then alert him with the red one.


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