Hello everyone!

Following the death of a french firefighter two weeks ago, because of a sudden change in wind, we decided to create something able to prevent this kind of event.

We’re working hard on our project since Monday, and everything is fine! We want to make a wind indicator machine that might be used by firemen. Our goal is to indicate them any change in the wind direction, in order to prevent any property and human damages caused by fire.

Here is how it is working:

The wind is pushing the blades of our weather vane, which is fixed on the top of the joystick. This action makes it tilt to indicate a cardinal point.
We are able to show eight different directions, the four cardinal points and even the ordinal ones. The information is transmitted to Arduino’s software which translates it and illuminates the leds programmed for this direction. If the wind is blowing to an ordinal direction, two are switched on. For example if it’s northwest the leds for north and west are lighted up.

When there is no wind, none of the leds are switched on. The 12109951_10205174614750617_1575837184323363783_obuzzer is working in the same way, but the difference is situated in the treatment of the signal. Indeed this time the Arduino’s software builds an analogic signal to trigger a beep, each time he detects a change in the wind direction.

You will be able to see it fully functional in our show!

This project was realised by HPechTeam.

Stay tuned, you will find out everything you want to know tomorrow!





“We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we should learn to anticipate it.” -HPechTeam, 2015

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