The YEAS is a handy Headset composed of several sensor and a direct view of the formations for the user. YEAS propose 3 environmental sensors and 1 Bio sensor.

YEAS must be able to scan it’s surrounding that’s why it’s equipped with a temperature sensor with a direct view of the data to the user and an alarm light in case it detect a dangerous temperature (option set by the user).

A gas detector is attached on the top (a wide range of sensor for different types of gas is offered to the user and can be switched if needed), the sensor will automatically detect and analyze with the help of the computing unit will warn the user with a visual and an acoustic signal

The built in temperature sensors will offer a wide range of measures and alerts the user if needed. We’re offering different system of measures depending of the use needed. On the starter kit only an environmental sensor is present but we can extend that to a full body temperature reading to ensure a full reading of the situation of the user.

The heart rate sensor can be fitted easily in the outfit of the user to get a better access of qualitative data, this will ensure a better analyze of the state of the user by our computer unit. As an example in a worst case scenario, a cardiac arrest the unit can alert the emergency response unit to rescue the user in distress.

Our light headset will provide these information’s to the user by a small LCD screen, LED (Light emitting diodes) and speaker for a full 3D experience of an upgraded understanding of the surrounding .

The future fitting would include a full wide range telemetry communication with a secure central unit and other possible headset to get a team view of the situation furthermore as we use an open source base all user can adapt their own headset to their view.

YEAS get a better view of your environment

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