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Whats more upsetting than an empty shelf in a supermarket ? When you want to buy a product but this product isn’t available anymore. This is client side but manager side it’s a loss of money and potentially a client who will go to the competitor. GIPStock use ultrasound waves to determine the distance between the edge of the shelve and the product.


When client takes a product off the shelf, the distance increases and the sensor detect it. If the distance reaches a certain value, the arduino board linked to the sensor will send the information back to a panel in the office to indicate that this product needs to be resupplied.

We detect three different states, minimum distance means than the shelf is full, intermediate distance means that the product is popular and could have soon needing of resupplying and maximal distance means than the shelf is empty and that an immediate action is required to ensure continuity of product’s disponibility.

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The information is centralized on a LED panel showing the state of each shelf in the store but could also be displayed a computer or tablet screen allowing the personal to quickly act to avoid depletion of the shelves. To communicate between the sensors and the central screen, we can use wired connection like in the demo but also bluetooth or wifi technologies depending on the needs of the store.

We truly think that GIPStock can simplify and enhance the life of the manager of the store, allowing personnel to be more reactive and client high satisfaction.


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