When a soldier needs ammunitions, he has only one choice :

Call to his mates to retreat and cover him. It requires two or three other soldiers to take care to the one who is reloading his weapon. The real problem here is to make a big desorder between units according to the situation.

The Bullettrack could be the solution. Thanks to one sensor which is composed to one issuer and one receiver placed at the top of the magazine, and connected to a LCD screen, a soldier could see on his weapon the exactly number of remaining bullets. When one is going through the sensor, a programming code deducts one to the maximum capacity of the magazine.

When a limit threshold of bullet is reached, the number on the LCD screen flashes.

The LCD screen could be directly connected on the weapon. Or we could imagine watch the information through a digital screen on a visor.

Finally, this system could be add to the FELIN one (connected weapon to a logistic central) and permits to the whole Unit to know at every second who needs ammunitions.

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