Team GarHack


The new Find Your Tool allows the builders to easily find their tools thanks to a patch glued to the tool. It consists of an Arduino card, a bluetooth module, a speaker (or buzzer) and, of course, a compatible phone. The patch contains eveything you need, you just have to glue it to your tool. With your phone, open the app, and select the tool you want to find. As easy as calling someone ! A sound (with the best clearing frequency) will come out of the tool, allowing you to recover easily that one thing that you needed. When found, you can “hang up”, and the tool will stop the sound. The longer you wait, the louder it gets, in case of noise around.The battery life can be wunted in years thank to the Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Cheap, easy, durable, it is available to all builders, a totally new target for maketing, and can be extended toother markets. Already lost a wallet ? A bag ? Save your time, with Find Your Tool. Currently, the app is compatible with Android. As soon as we can get another Bluetooth module, an iPhone app will be developed.

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